Headquartered in New York, CG Homes is a distinguished real estate investment and development firm, operating as part of the Colonnade Group. 

Led by Michele Chiari, the Managing Partner of CG Homes and Co-founder and President of IDL Haus, along with Greg Altshuler, the founder of Colonnade Group, the company is in constant growth. Together, Greg Altshuler and Michele Chiari drive CG Homes, a vital part of the Colonnade Group, towards the realization of its vision in the real estate industry.

“Our passion is creating homes where a sophisticated design meets an unparalleled functionality, resulting in an extraordinary living experience”.

Modern Design

At CG Homes, we’re on a constant quest for the perfect blend of elevated style and functionality. Our meticulous layouts are thoughtfully crafted to ensure each room transitions smoothly, creating a seamless flow throughout the home. Beyond just beautiful interiors, we pride ourselves on forging a harmonious connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing you to bask in the beauty of nature without stepping out of your comfort zone. At CGH, we believe that a well-designed home should not only be visually appealing but also enhance your everyday living experience.


At CGH, we take pride in curating an extensive array of high-end products and sophisticated features sourced from renowned brands and top-quality materials, all aimed at transforming your home into a truly distinctive creation. Discover the perfect blend of elegance and functionality as you explore our carefully selected offerings that elevate your living spaces to new heights of style and comfort.


At CG Homes, we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. Our mission is to minimize our carbon footprint by implementing smart and efficient practices throughout the construction cycle. We take pride in our efforts to reduce material waste and maximize the use of eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge mechanical systems. 

At CG Homes, we prioritize sustainability and cost savings. Our streamlined construction process and energy-efficient technologies ensure that our homes help you save.

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